Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Katie Deter – The Brooklyn Sessions

A few months ago, a friend posted a video of Katie singing the classic Stephen Foster song, “hard times” and I immediately was surprised and drawn in by Katie’s voice. I introduced myself, and invited Katie to come to New York and record some music with me. While we were talking, I learned she was 15. I had no idea she was that young. Katie’s voice feels a bit timeless – truly southern and truly American.

I went to Alabama and met Katie and her parents. Good, beautiful people. And our stories were far more connected than I had realized. Katie started sending me her new demos and song ideas – simple recordings she would record at home – and we started planning out an EP. Her lyrics are simply written and honest. And her vocal timing and melody ideas continued to surprise me. She came to Brooklyn in January and I invited some of my friends to help, and within a few days, we had this EP.

“the brooklyn sessions” is a fine collaboration – Katie’s band for this EP is essentially the Lone Bellow band – friends who were happy to be involved. We worked on a few songs and arrangements with Alex Foote, and then had Brian Griffin help with drums. Matt Knapp played pedal steel and dobro, and Ben Mars added bass. These guys – aside from being decent humans and wonderful friends, are fantastic musicians, and their instincts blended wonderfully with Katie’s new songs.

 It’s always fun to work with new artists and be apart of a person’s journey as they discover their voice, their sound, and their new songs. And of course, music from the deep south always grabs my attention, and it makes me proud particularly when its from Alabama. Katie Deter has serious talent
 – and the best is still to come.

Thanks, Katie