Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas concert in one week!

ok, getting a lot of questions about our christmas concert - it will be at workplay, monday dec. 21 - tickets are only $5. doors at 7:30, music starts at 7:45. Adam Wright will be playing a short opening set. it's going to be great! at our last rehearsal, we were all talking about how effortlessly the music came together - we've got a great big band (8 people total), and we're going to be playing all the songs off our christmas record, as well as some of our other favorite hymns.

speaking of our christmas record, we just got some amazing interweb press over at justin taylors blog - check out his link and get a few free songs if you don't already have them...

ok. I'm leaving for new york. going to be good to get out of town for awhile. see you in a week, birmingham, and I'm looking forward to sharing some christmas songs with you...

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