Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Red Mountain Music Tour April 2010

(please forward this on to anybody you think might benefit. thanks!)

Red Mountain Music (www.redmountainmusic.com.) is currently planning a tour for April 2010 (dates open april 18-may 4). We are booking in the southeast and east coast. We are targeting college groups (RUF in particular), but are open to whoever might have interest. This is going to be a humble tour and our hope is to meet with as many people as possible, share some hymns, and maybe make some new friends. If you love nerdy hymn music, if you have musicians who might want to meet and talk and share some ideas, and if you have the space to have us, please contact brian at briantmurphy at mac dot com.


new music (as always) in the works (I think our best yet), so stay tuned...

Brian T. Murphy

Tuesday, August 18, 2009