Tuesday, June 9, 2009

psalm 126

my on again - off again work with a potential psalms project is currently, for a variety of reasons, on. here is a demo for one I just did tonight.

psalm 126
text: watts psalter (published 1852)
music: brian t. murphy (2009)

when god revealed his gracious name
and changed my mournful state
my rapture seemed a pleasing dream
the grace appeared so great

the world beheld the glorious change
and did thy hand confess
my tongue broke out in unknown strains
and sung surprising grace

the lord can clear the darkest skies
can give us day for night
make drops of sacred sorrow rise
to rivers of delight

great is the work! thy neighbors cried
and owned the power divine
great is the work! my heart replied
and be thy glory thine

let those who sow in sadness wait
till the fair harvest come
they shall confess their sheaves are great
and shout the blessings home

though seed lie buried long in dust
it shan't deceive their hope
the precious grain can never be lost
for grace ensures the crop


Robert said...

Cool. My friend Eric Priest here in Htown was interested in meeting you. Apparently he's been doing a lot of your compositions in church. Its likely that hes got arrangements for many of them in "small orchestra" form. Also hes devised a clever method of mixing and matching melodies and hymns on his website:


He did a psalm record 3-4 years ago. (He's actually ordained now, but still pretty cool.)

BTW: That's quite a "gun cabinet" you got in you living room. I guess we both hit puberty at 30:)

digeroos said...

nice to hear you singing :)

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