Wednesday, June 24, 2009

flaming republican war lovers (shoot me I'm dead)

yes, that is the full band title. but usually we just call ourselves the flamers. or flaming republicans.

this band is entirely tom cannon's fault, and I thank him for starting it and letting me play drums. I am really not very good at drums, but I am having a blast learning. it's so fun to not play keys and to just sit back and lay down a beat and let that be the only thing I have to do. such a new way to experience playing music.

the band, technically, is not very good, but we are a lot of fun. I seriously have been talking about this band almost constantly because of how fun it is. one time I thought my head was going to explode because of all the fun, and then my head actually did explode. come see us play thursday night and you will probably start dancing. and I will start screaming from the drum kit with delight. and kittens will rain from the ceiling and we will smash them.

all joking aside, if you miss this event, you will probably regret it for the rest of your life and then you will probably resort to cannibalism.

Tom Cannon: Bass
Evan Munger: Vocals
Brian T. Murphy: Drums
Preston Sartelle: Guitar, Vocals
Jared Shull: Keyboards
Jeremy Snyder: Lead Guitar, Vocals

when: 8:30pm
where: o kaf├ęs (2901 2nd ave. s.)

photos taken by t.scott carlisle. full set here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

motorcycle trip

I just got back from a 4 day motorcycle trip. benjamin and I met brett up near the ocoee river and then the next day took the blue ridge parkway to asheville (beautiful). we made camp near a lake just outside asheville and then spent the next day riding all through the mountains of north carolina. it was some of the most challenging and exciting riding I've ever done (nothing like leaning a 1,000 lb bike through thousands of turns) as well as the expected wonderful hang time with the guys. it is so nice to get away to the mountains - I'm very thankful for good friends who love the outdoors, love good conversation, and who make the time to get away.

and I say it all the time, but there really is nothing like being on a motorcycle. I never get tired of it.

full set of photos here.

brett's more detailed account here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

psalm 126

my on again - off again work with a potential psalms project is currently, for a variety of reasons, on. here is a demo for one I just did tonight.

psalm 126
text: watts psalter (published 1852)
music: brian t. murphy (2009)

when god revealed his gracious name
and changed my mournful state
my rapture seemed a pleasing dream
the grace appeared so great

the world beheld the glorious change
and did thy hand confess
my tongue broke out in unknown strains
and sung surprising grace

the lord can clear the darkest skies
can give us day for night
make drops of sacred sorrow rise
to rivers of delight

great is the work! thy neighbors cried
and owned the power divine
great is the work! my heart replied
and be thy glory thine

let those who sow in sadness wait
till the fair harvest come
they shall confess their sheaves are great
and shout the blessings home

though seed lie buried long in dust
it shan't deceive their hope
the precious grain can never be lost
for grace ensures the crop

Monday, June 1, 2009

killing abortion doctors = happiness for millions of people.

admit it. you're happy.

if you are a regular reader of this blog, chances are you are also a hard core pro-lifer who will publicly denounce dr. tiller's murder and privately rejoice and feel a sense of justice.

I just read this article which was as confusing as it was long-winded and dull.

my view is not really the point (hint: I'm not pro-life), but it is interesting to me how easily we will disregard human life, and immediately pretend to care about unborn children. I hope dr. tiller's death prompts people to care more about human life, whether it is an unborn fetus, or an old man reaching the natural end of his long life.

it won't. people will continue hating. but it's a hope worth having.

I will believe that pro life people actually care about human life when I see evidence from those same people that they actually care about people who are currently alive.

hell, if pro lifers cared better for the people in their own communities, there might not even be any desire or need for abortions. we could start with that.

until then: sorry, human life isn't sacred. that argument dies in the huge churches it started in.