Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my business lies at jesus' gate

we've been ramping up our work on a new record - more precisely - yet another collection of old hymns put to new music from red mountain.  we are backlogged on songs dating back over three years now - we have many more songs then we will ever be able to record well, so it is hard to know what we are going to do with them.  we are considering putting out more b-sides, releasing songs for digital release (download) only, etc.  we really have no idea, and I personally still can't resist the concept of an album - it is the only way I really feel like I can complete a collection of music.  anyway, you can read more about the new record here.  and in the meantime, here is a really rough demo of one I wrote about a week ago.  I record a lot of my demos in photobooth on my mac, hence the video.  there is absolutely no telling if this song will ever make it to a record, and right now I really like it, so I am sharing it here, lest it becomes buried like so many of our songs.

my business lies at jesus' gate
words: erskine & berridge, taken from gadsby's hymns #743
music: brian t. murphy (2009)

my business lies at jesus' gate
where many a lazar (beggar) comes
and here I seek and here I wait
for mercy's falling crumbs

the lord I hear the hungry feeds
and cheers the souls distressed
he loves to bind up broken reeds
and heal a bleeding breast

his name is jesus full of grace
which draws me to his door
and will not jesus show his face
and bring his gospel store?

supplies of every grace I want
and each day want supply
and if no grace the lord will grant
I must lie down and die

I must lie down and die


Matthew Smith said...

I inherently hate internet videos. This one actually moved me. Thanks for this and more, BTM.

Robert said...

Your piano is most excellent!

Tim Shapre said...

I like it. It makes me want to go play piano again.

Look forward to more info about new RMC music.

Jared said...

Wonderful just the way it is. nice work.

The Echerds said...

very nice, btm.

and you totally moved your piano.

The Sooz said...


that's all i have to say

remington said...

amazing song... piano's not bad either!

Natalie_S said...

And I had to click on this video right before walking out the door to hear some non-BTM church music. I miss your music more than I can say.

Jared said...

I probably listen to this song once a week. It's beautiful.