Sunday, April 19, 2009

los angeles

I had never been to LA before. it was interesting, I liked hollywood. for some reason I like touristy areas. I like the stores that sell the ugly tshirts and coffee mugs and postcards. i like watching people take horrible photographs. I like being in a place that is totally contrived. its so unbelievably fascinating. like an alternate reality or something. so I loved hollywood. fortunately my friend will youngblood lives in hollywood. he works with famous people (I'd tell you who but I'm not sure I'm allowed). will and I went to high school together but have gotten to be really good friends recently, I guess over the past 3 years or so. he comes to town a couple times a year and we always end up staying out all night talking. so it was good to go to LA, see the city, but most of all it was good to just see will.

will, if you are reading, thanks for the hospitality. and thanks for introducing us to your friends. and thanks for driving us all over the city. seriously.

oh, and thanks for trying to murder us that night in the hills overlooking the city. that was cute.

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Boxed wine and string cheese said...

So. Cal is as I refer to it "the other south" Quite different indeed. My co-workers who are from Alabama, don't like it when I say that...but that's where I'm from...the other south.