Sunday, February 8, 2009

BTM - When are you going on the road with Griffin House?

okay. so a lot of people have been asking me about this. there is confusion, because obviously griffin is on the road right now, and I'm still here in birmingham. I think three people have asked me about this just today.

I pick up with griffin in a couple weeks and play the following shows:

feb 25 - philadelphia
feb 26 - dc
feb 27 - nyc
feb 28 - boston
(plus one more in ohio somewhere)

I have been previously booked for gigs in san francisco the weekend of feb - 19-21, so unfortunately I will not be able to play the atlanta, birmingham or nashville shows. very bummed about this, but of course it's always nice to go to san francisco so I'm getting over it pretty well.

A TON going on right now. finished up music production for a series of commercials up in wisconsin, in the middle of a new record for some really great songwriters here in town, flying to pittsburgh in a few days for a very unique and interesting photography job (complete with interns) (more on that later), and beginning the process of a couple new projects from red mountain (more on this later as well).

oh. and I've been shooting quite a few weddings. which are turning out beautifully. if you are getting married and you want to look natural and sexy and beautiful you really should call me. just sayin.

going back to the title of this worstweblogintheworld post. if you are in any of those cities above and you dig griffin house you should come out and catch a show and be filled with joy. otherwise you will be filled with sorrow and it will not be my fault.


Liz said...

the road awaits you my friend. we're having a blast.

clint wells said...

whoa, that was me, but it registered under liz's account.

Tim Sharpe said...

Looking forward to the Jammin' Java show on the 26th. Haven't had the chance to see Griffin live yet, but love his CDs. Sounds like the backing band will be sweet as well.

and anxious for more news about more Red Mountain music...

Jeff Irwin said...

awwwwwww yeeeaahhh

Charlotte said...

sounds like things are going well with your music & photography. so glad. you didn't give any info on your modeling career. what's up with that?

maybe tim & i can have a re-committal wedding situation (is that what that is called?) so we can have you shoot it. our wedding photos kind of suck. maybe that's just how it was 11 years ago.

Charlotte said...

and "shout to the lord" was sung at our wedding...