Tuesday, January 13, 2009

give me a hoe down, please

you know what I love? I love a good hoedown. there's nothing quite like a room filled with awkwardly dancing human beings.

you throw in a banjo, maybe an accordion, maybe a bass, maybe a guy with a microphone telling you to "docie doe" and what you have is a patented recipe for joy.

so I say, sign me up, I'm in.

when I was in jr. high, we had hoe downs during PE. at this point in my life, it represented the closest any woman (and by woman I of course mean 13 year old girl with braces) had ever been to me. it was exciting and I dug it.

when I was in college, we had hoe downs. this is because I went to auburn, and has nothing to do with the fact that auburn is a terrible place for anybody to go to college. but auburn is in the middle of nowhere. and so for fun we would go out to somebody's barn house, clear out all of their goats and chickens and horses and crocodiles, spread out some hay, turn on the hi-fi and then dance the night away as we all caught malaria. gosh those were good times.

I have heard that some friends may be planning a hoe down here in birmingham. when that goes down, BTM will be there, dancing his heart out. about this, I have no doubt.


Natalie_S said...

To think that if only the Greshams had thought to include chickens and hay we might have seen some BTM doci do-ing. The world will never know what it has missed (thankfully).

Matt Churnock said...

Being a city boy and going to Auburn, I never could understand the appeal of the RUF barn dance thing. I did everything I could do growing up not to have to 'square-dance' why would I want to do it when I got to college and had a chance with the ladies*.

*-not that I ever had a chance but I would tell myself I did as I went to sleep. It made me feel better.

evan said...

Now you're just being difficult BTM. How could you not like Auburn?

The Sooz said...

I love a good shindig.

The Echerds said...

have you ever tried to just doci and not doe? trust me when i say that it's darn near impossible.

Brian T. Murphy said...

natalie - thankfully? clearly, you haven't yet seen me dance!

matt - you missed out. simple as that. it was one of the few redeeming things about my college experience.

evander - this warrants an entire post. coming soon.

sooz - naturally

brett - I've done it. but it was only with the help of aliens, and jesus.

Liz said...

i'll never forget the first hoe-down i went to at camp cosby when i was in 5th grade. i got to dance with my crush aaron overton. he was not a very good dancer... and i'm pretty sure i was wearing a flannel shirt.

Jeff and Brandi Koonce said...

hey! we're planning one for an RMC party on March 20! (we being me and Ellen Greer)