Sunday, December 7, 2008

barrack wants your gun

recently, I heard someone say "bhusseinO wants all the guns".

I said "wha?"

"yeah btm it's true. once he's prez he's gonna take all the guns away."

"man I had no idea. that is really a shame. I like my guns."

"you have a gun?"

"I have three guns."

"three guns?"


"what do you do with them?"

"I shoot them every december 24th. that's about all. and generally, I keep them around to keep people guessing about who BTM really is. same reason I have a six cylinder motorcycle, and a flame thrower."

"you own a flame thrower?"

"no not actually. not at all. but I drew a picture of one once. i'll let you see it sometime."

"I would really like that, btm."



The Sooz said...

The video reminds me of my brothers.

The Echerds said...

do you really have a six-cylinder motorcycle?!

e.campbell said...


i think you know how i feel about this... i guess registering that domain name was a mistake.

what a waste.


evan said...

You know what totally makes this video? The Lowenbrau vest and the crazy laugh. I don't think anyone has to guess about who BTM is after that.