Thursday, August 7, 2008

red mountain music video: BTM responds

weary of criticism from clint, BTM lashes out.


brett said...

that slap was for real...and awesome

Elisa M said...

I just made a complete fool of myself laughing in my cube, then switching screens and saying "Oh, just thinking of a joke from yesterday".
it was that funny. the sound effect of that slap was wonderful. and I once saw Clint playing guitar with his feet and I threw up and Bain ran away crying.

Susannah said...

Did you know that your glasses are church planter glasses? I can't believe you stooped to the level of church planter glasses.

ck said...

ha ha ha church planter glasses. Susannah, that's awesome.

(PS) Susannah, you probably don't remember me, but I know your older brother Nathaniel from Asheville. I like your blog(s).