Wednesday, August 6, 2008

music in august that is going to be awesome

mark your calendars:

august 22: me and clint are playing with jon black at sloss, opening for mark kozelek. that's right. MARK KOZELEK. I've been freaking out about this gig for about a month now.
august 23: spots play speakeasy
august 27: spots at workplay, opening for drew holcomb's cd release concert.
august 29: billy bob thornton playing at zydeco with his blues band.

(drew and jon are both good friends of red mountain. they play on our records, are good people and good songwriters - really looking forward to these gigs)

feel free to comment and tell me what I'm leaving out.

also this month we are hard at work on our new christmas record. please enjoy this riveting making-of video.


Sara Leah said...

BTM- That's totally sweet. I hate that I'm moving away right before that show because I love the Koz. Have you seen him play live before?

The Zevacs said...

thoroughly enjoyed this brian. glad you have a blog.

shawn avery said...

nice work.

looking forward to playing more shows with my back to the audience.

clint wells said...
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