Sunday, July 20, 2008

the night I met coulter

friday night, cal came to visit with his family.  we looked at my neighbor's garden and ate dinner together and the evening ended with the music of sun kil moon, and playing with the children on the floor.  and as much as I really did not intend to take any pictures, I couldn't resist when I saw what kind of light was hitting the children's faces.  and I met coulter.  he's almost a year old and I've been around him since he was born, but his personality is just coming out, and he's a beautiful boy.

and the video at the bottom, it's of bain.  I think we did that for about 20 minutes.

oh, and the last five photos were taken by heather morris. heather ends up taking a lot of photos that make it to this blog, actually.


Justin Pocta said...

i love how kids have so much fun with simple things. great video. :)

Elisa M said...

It is so beautiful to see these boys similarities and differences and how both are appreciated and given room to be.

Man, Cal and Heather make some pretty children. I am pretty sure that Bain is going to take the MCAT next week and start taking patients in the shed in their backyard.

camm said...

great pics and video! i love how unabashed you are in your appreciation for kids--definitely with you there.