Wednesday, June 4, 2008


our good friends at the speakeasy have invited us back to play for their anniversary party. last year's event was HUGE and this year it has been extended to an all-weekend event, with the spots headlining on saturday night (we're the only band playing saturday night, so I'm using the word headlining very liberally here...)

definitely a show you will not want to miss. going to be experimenting with some new sounds. going to be sexy and groovy and understated as ever. come on out, plan on supporting the best bar in birmingham, and plan on the best vibe to be found anywhere in the city on saturday night.

make sure you say hello...


Anonymous said...

What time will you start playing?


Brian T. Murphy said...

probably around 9:30

Anonymous said...

Did you go into that building that you have up as the main pic of your blog? I went through there the other day... It would be a cool place to do some portraits.


Blakely Fletcher said...

Brain- Kinda weird going through you but I noticed pic of Liza and would love to reconnect with her- will you pass on my email to her?

Thanks- Blakely (Adams) Fletcher