Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lord I'm Coming Home

one of the most common gifts that people give me is old hymnals.  I always am surprised by the thoughtfulness of it, especially since I am not really a gift-giving type of person.  and I also always look forward to looking through the old texts, seeing what jumps out at me.

last november, we were in canada playing for a conference, and at the conclusion of the conference a particularly kind lady presented us with an old hymnal that had been in her family for years.  she told us that she hoped we would be able to use the texts, maybe sing some of these songs again.

the old hymn book is called "sacred songs", looks like it was published around the 1890's.  several songs have really jumped at me, one we did last week at red mountain (we actually used the original melody from the 1800's, because it was perfect).  and this song here is the other one.

Unlike what I've found in the gadsby hymnal, many of the songs from this canadian hymnal talk about a christian experience I can't really relate to.  they speak of turning away from sin, embracing a life of christian obedience.  I don't really know what that means.  I don't really see that anywhere.  but I guess the reason this song jumps out at me is because it talks about going home.  

and if all this about christianity is true, and we really do have something to hope in, then songs like this paint a beautiful picture of death.  songs like this remind me that my story isn't over yet.

Lord I'm Coming Home
text: wm. j. kirkpatrick, 1892
music: brian t. murphy, 2008

I've wandered far away from God, now I'm coming home
The paths of sin too long I've trod, Lord, I'm coming home
My only hope, my only plea, that Jesus died for me,
I need His cleansing blood I know, Oh, wash me whiter than the snow

I've wasted many precious years, now I'm coming home
I now repent with bitter tears, Lord, I'm coming home
My only hope, my only plea, that Jesus died for me,
I need His cleansing blood I know, Oh, wash me whiter than the snow

I'm tired of sin and straying Lord, now I'm coming home
I'll trust Thy love, believe Thy word, Lord, I'm coming home

My soul is sick, my heart is sore, now I'm coming home
My strength renew, my hope restore, Lord I'm coming home

My only hope, my only plea, that Jesus died for me,
I need His cleansing blood I know, Oh, wash me whiter than the snow

Open wide Thine arms of love, Lord I'm coming home.

guitar: clint wells 
piano, vocals: btm


k&b_echerd said...

i really like that.

Susannah said...

This is good. The chorus really drives the song along well, it's a good motor.

anuncommongrace said...

WOW! Your talent, ability to find the most amazing lyrics, and willingness to share it never cease to move me. Thank you.

Jeff Irwin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brian T. Murphy said...

echerds - thanks

susannah - hopefully, that's true. choruses are strange things.

uncommongrace - well, thanks. though I don't think I deserve such accolades.

jeff - yup. I figured this song would get some criticism. I tried to address some of what you wrote about in the blog. to me, the text of this song really makes no sense except at the very end of life, like maybe at the exact moment we die, and at the exact moment that our hope is hopefully realized. but I assume that's not how the author wrote it, which makes it kind of weird.

definitely agree with your sentiments.

but I still liked the text for some reason.

and I think me and clint are both trying to explore texts outside of what might be typical and expected.

and as you know, I quit caring about reformed theology a long time ago.

Brian T. Murphy said...

jeff - you shouldn't have deleted what you said.

Under The Mountain said...

brian -- I'll jump in on the issue of the meaning of the song. Yes, it makes sense at the very end of life. It also would make sense for the prodigal son returning home to his father, which people do during the early part, middle and later parts of life, as well as on their deathbeds. People being what they are, we often "come home" multiple times in life (because we stray multiple times).

Natalie_S said...

Ok, going to just start throwing thoughts out there. I agree with John. This is something I do all the time. I'll have this really grouchy awful week, month, day, hour in which it really feels like I'm not at home in myself. Sort that good I want to do/evil I don't want to do, but nevertheless I delight in the law of God in my inner man thing. When I come out my darker periods I end up smacking my head and saying, "So sorry God, I really don't want to be like that. Will you help me out here?"

On another note don't we do this every week at church? We confess all the junk in our lives and then come Christ's table to be fed and comforted.

And to be really, really honest I'm not sure that I get what you don't get about turning from sin and embracing Christian obedience. Would you mind unloading that a little more? I don't want assume that we're either in different places or on the same page without having a little more understanding of what you mean there.

Jeff Irwin said...

i deleted it because it carried too much misappropriated vexation.

i love you guys' work.. i just hate DIY theology.

i will be more focused and in future comment.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad every time I read your blog of doubt. I pray the spirit would restore a sense of the victory we can have. Yes we sin is still there, but if we trust in the spirit we won't carry out the desires of the flesh. a beatiful song about christian hope both for today in part but in that day (last day) in perfection. I pray you would experance the truth of that.

Jeff and Brandi Koonce said...

we sang this as an alter call growing up in the baptist church. there was a chorus though it would say "coming home, coming home/ never more to roam/ open wide thine arms of love/lord, i'm coming home."

i love this song. it comforts me somehow, and i think theres nothing wrong with saying that you turned away. and wandered far.

but unlike the prodigal son, our father is walking with us as we wander, and that "home" is only 180 degrees away.


SamSeb said...

Lord i am coming Home

Firstly i would like to thank God Almighty,author of heaven and earth,The Alpha and Omega.
Thank you for uploading this song.
Lord i am coming home,what a word to say.Just like a prodigal son,i demanded my right,my will,because of pride,i have done it Lord just as a prodigal son
Sin was right,and all was pleasant in my eyes,
I thank God for he is a merciful God,
I will share with you,the heart of the Father.
He is not just a god,he is GOD,this song only have a deep meaning to those who hve know the power of salvation,who have wandered so far away from God.Just like the prodigal son,he never thought that there was home when he was enjoying life far away from home.
He remembered,he recalled that there was home,all the joy and freedom at the fathers house,after he fed,he shared the same dood with pigs.see the picture, Holding the last cabbage leaf,to put in his mouth and drink water,thats when when God opened his eyes,
sometimes when we sin we dont see it,unless God opens our minds,eyes,and we see that what we did was wrong,Look,Adam and Eve,realised that the had sinned when the where asked by God.
It is only repentance that leads to Salvation.
God is our father,and if we hve sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God,the only thing to do is to repent and say Lord i am coming home,Even though i fail sometimes,to do His Will,He did not leave me BUT he Blessed me Still.
I tell you friends,if you are heart broken,be it by losing a loved,relationship wise,or anything that teared your heart,There is a Jesus who can solve every problem and he will keep you,heal your wounded heart,and tell you that you are his own.
All you have to do his,accept him as you Lord and Saviour,to all who are heart borken,wounded sick,pray like David,Psalms 51 verse 10, he will create a new heart,that is strong,a heart that will respond to his Will,a heart that will never be broken as long as we say Lord hold my hand,and father i am coming home,saying goodbye to sin,all the weights that had been making us not to Love him,as we should.

Verses to read

Isaiah 35:9
Psalms 84:11
Hebrews 12:1-3

God bless you all,believe in our soon coming saviour,Lord Jesus Christ,the only solution to every problem,and you will have life and Life in its abundance

Keep up the Good faith

Yours because of Calavry


Brian T. Murphy said...

Under – I can resonate with that.

Natalie – I think what you said about communion is really true. Communion is still a very crazy mysterious thing to me, but I think you described what feels true about communion maybe better than I’ve ever heard before. As far as unloading further about turning from sin and embracing obedience, maybe I’ll do that, eventually. I am trying to tread more lightly on this here blog. Maybe we should have you and allen over for dinner some night. That might be a better way to have this conversation.

Jeff – totally cool. But you know you can say whatever you want on here, to me, whatever. You could probably make fun of my wife and hit me and spit on me and I would still like you. that’s how much I like you, jeff.

Anon – “we sin is still there”. Thanks for the heartfelt, faceless concern, complete with grammatical mistakes. Very helpful.

Brandi – yeah. I agree. And I definitely think that wandering and approaching, throughout life, seems to be part of the deal. Part of the inevitably unfolding story.

samseb – did you just copy that out of a sermon you found on the internet or something? That is quite an assault of Christian verbage.

samseb said...

i did not copy that from internet or from anywhere else,this is what the Lord have laid in my heart to share.The reason why i looked for the song, Lord i am coming home,is because i had a dream singing this song,then i just bumped on this website,but i tell you it was not a mistake or by accident,this was divine appointment,this song have a great impact in my life,it is powerful to me because of encounter with God,what God did in my life,no one else could do it.only him,(Jesus)

I am a studying Bachelors of theology

Sarah Joy said...

No, unfortunately I don't have music for it..

Shaan Sloan said...

This is definitely the worstblogintheworld.. :-)

Hey, Its your homie from the 505, the Burque.....yall remember your always welcome here....anytime you can stay in my home.....we cant wait to have you back...

Lord I'm Coming Home...Fabulous music so lyrics....

I didnt read Jeff's post, but I am with him on the DIY Theology....

One of the reasons it is so difficult to find unity around doctrinal issues is a serious lack of biblical the modern Church we are so far from knowing and understanding Scripture it is a wonder we can find much unity at all....but thanks be to God, He helps us....we will find the unity we desire when we understand the Truth expressed by God in Holy Scripture, which of itself is infallible and inerrant....and also plainly stated....we need to spend serious time in the Scripture if we expect to understand divine revelation....Reformed Theology is glorious because it affirms the Truth of Scripture, a high view of God and of the is very Gospel centered and this is therefore a manifestation of Jesus Himself and His awesome Love to us....

If men make Reformed Theology boring or deterministic, it is because they err in expressing the true character of our infinitely happy, joyful and loving God...but that doesn't change the fact that He is Sovereign in every way....He is the Sovereign Lord and this is the Majesty of His Divine Authority and His Divine right as should be a beautiful thing to us, filled with wonder though it may is His nature and therefore infinitely beautiful...

two cents worth from another unworthy sinner....

Love you people very much....praying for God's richest blessings in your lives....keep blessing us with your profoundly beautiful music...

Shaan said...

Thanks for posting William Kirkpatrick's gospel song. I'm sorry it does not reflect your own experience. Interestingly, it was written specifically for a man in exactly that condition. (Check out my blog for today at Wordwise Hymns to see.)

And having trusted Christ as my Saviour over 60 years ago, I can testify to the reality of what Mr. Kirkpatrick has to say. Hope you come to the place where you can too.