Monday, June 30, 2008

amanda's wedding

t.scott and I shot a wedding last weekend for one of my college friends. we've got quite a few weddings coming up, so I may be boring you with wedding photos soon, we'll see. It was a pretty fun wedding, and it felt like we got some cool shots. here's a few of mine:


Kari Moore said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! You guys did such a great job! Amanda showed me the pic.'s night before last and they are gorgeous!!!! Kari

The Shulls said...

Oh man... those are unbelievable! I loved every single bit of it! Awesome job, Brian :)


Fittsy said...

Amanda was such a lovely bride. Thanks for sharing these - and I'd love to see more!


Natalie_S said...

Lovely pictures.

Also, more men should wear beards. Beards are hot.