Monday, June 30, 2008

amanda's wedding

t.scott and I shot a wedding last weekend for one of my college friends. we've got quite a few weddings coming up, so I may be boring you with wedding photos soon, we'll see. It was a pretty fun wedding, and it felt like we got some cool shots. here's a few of mine:

Sunday, June 29, 2008

birmingham: 4:15am: sunday morning.

I love this city.

a lot has been on my mind lately, and a lot of things are changing. some good, some bad. hopefully, mostly good.

more on that soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

atlanta photo shoot

this past weekend, I drove out to atlanta for a photo job - helping document some work with an organization called mission year. it was a fun shoot, and I feel pretty good about the portraits I was able to get. here's a small sample.

some people like me, some people dont.

likes me

doesn't like me

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tomorrow morning I'll be on the news

CBS42 recently redid their set, and they used one of my photos as the new backdrop. I'll be talking about it on-air for their morning show tomorrow.

link to article about the new set here.

here is a link to the original photo.

brett echerd needs some credit for this as well because he was manning the truck which I was riding in for these shots. we both nearly lost our lives, parked on the side of a narrow interstate bridge. definitely the most dangerous photo I've made to date.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

today is a sad day.

I'm going to miss you, dewayne.

photos from friday night.

friday night I'm headed home and I get a message from liz wells, saying that she printed up one of my photos and it's hanging in her house (clint blogged about this). I was curious to see it so I went by their house, and she had it framed and hanging in the front room. and she had it printed HUGE, and it looked so much better than I had ever seen it. so I decided three things: 1. that I needed to start printing out some of my photos. 2. that I really need to move forward with some sort of gallery show with t.scott in the near future. 3. that I wanted to take some photos immediately.

I skipped dinner, drove through town, and grabbed this set of photos (including the current header, my favorite from the set).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


our good friends at the speakeasy have invited us back to play for their anniversary party. last year's event was HUGE and this year it has been extended to an all-weekend event, with the spots headlining on saturday night (we're the only band playing saturday night, so I'm using the word headlining very liberally here...)

definitely a show you will not want to miss. going to be experimenting with some new sounds. going to be sexy and groovy and understated as ever. come on out, plan on supporting the best bar in birmingham, and plan on the best vibe to be found anywhere in the city on saturday night.

make sure you say hello...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lord I'm Coming Home

one of the most common gifts that people give me is old hymnals.  I always am surprised by the thoughtfulness of it, especially since I am not really a gift-giving type of person.  and I also always look forward to looking through the old texts, seeing what jumps out at me.

last november, we were in canada playing for a conference, and at the conclusion of the conference a particularly kind lady presented us with an old hymnal that had been in her family for years.  she told us that she hoped we would be able to use the texts, maybe sing some of these songs again.

the old hymn book is called "sacred songs", looks like it was published around the 1890's.  several songs have really jumped at me, one we did last week at red mountain (we actually used the original melody from the 1800's, because it was perfect).  and this song here is the other one.

Unlike what I've found in the gadsby hymnal, many of the songs from this canadian hymnal talk about a christian experience I can't really relate to.  they speak of turning away from sin, embracing a life of christian obedience.  I don't really know what that means.  I don't really see that anywhere.  but I guess the reason this song jumps out at me is because it talks about going home.  

and if all this about christianity is true, and we really do have something to hope in, then songs like this paint a beautiful picture of death.  songs like this remind me that my story isn't over yet.

Lord I'm Coming Home
text: wm. j. kirkpatrick, 1892
music: brian t. murphy, 2008

I've wandered far away from God, now I'm coming home
The paths of sin too long I've trod, Lord, I'm coming home
My only hope, my only plea, that Jesus died for me,
I need His cleansing blood I know, Oh, wash me whiter than the snow

I've wasted many precious years, now I'm coming home
I now repent with bitter tears, Lord, I'm coming home
My only hope, my only plea, that Jesus died for me,
I need His cleansing blood I know, Oh, wash me whiter than the snow

I'm tired of sin and straying Lord, now I'm coming home
I'll trust Thy love, believe Thy word, Lord, I'm coming home

My soul is sick, my heart is sore, now I'm coming home
My strength renew, my hope restore, Lord I'm coming home

My only hope, my only plea, that Jesus died for me,
I need His cleansing blood I know, Oh, wash me whiter than the snow

Open wide Thine arms of love, Lord I'm coming home.

guitar: clint wells 
piano, vocals: btm