Friday, May 2, 2008

typical blog list

my sister katie posted this on her blog. I liked it. I'm doing my own list. because this is theworstweblogintheworld and I can dowhateverIwant.

10 things I liked when I was a teenager but kinda hate now...
1. tv
2. movies
3. fast food
4. video games
5. cheerleaders
6. the musical opinions of popular high school kids (I threw away a paul simon record after getting made fun of for it, which is maybe the most shameful moment of my entire life)
7. bible studies
8. church
9. republicans
10. ronald reagan

10 things I didn't like when I was a teenager but like now...
1. books
2. liquor, wine
3. teachers
4. tattoos
5. vegetables
6. homosexuals
7. exercise
8. my parents
9. democrats
10. the beatles

10 things I liked as a teenager and still like...
1. children
2. removable teeth
3. camping
4. motorcycles
5. music, specifically playing piano for hours on end
6. candy, specifically gummy worms, sour straws, milk duds, and now and laters
7. long conversations
8. chess
9. cigars
10. my brothers and sisters

10 things I did not like as a teenager and still do not like…
1. marching bands
2. high school bands
3. guys who think they are great at electric guitar
4. sermons
5. youth groups
6. youth pastors
7. christian music
8. guys with big muscles and tiny brains
9. beans


The Shulls said...

That was interesting... still amazed by some of your answers. Good way to know more about you.


shawn avery said...

you don't like beans?

i'm in shock. seriously.

Robert said...

So a high school halftime show featuring an electric guitar soloist over an Amy Grant medley would pretty much be your definition of hell? I can resonate with that.

Natalie_S said...

Ok seriously, I want to know what's up with certain Christians and the democrat thing? Is it the natural reaction to growing up with war hawk republican parents? Or becoming Christians after voting for Al Gore? I am honest to goodness curious.

(Let me just add here that I'm a little "l" libertarian and am pretty equally disgusted with both parties. If I'm not for corporate elite "screw-us-over-ism" I'm equally against government mandated sharing ie "screw-us-over-again-ism.")

Neat post btw.

Katie said...

yay, you copied ME for once. I'm usually the one copying you- like since I was born.

Brian T. Murphy said...

mohana - yeah. hey you should post one!

shawn - no. my mom made bean soup and it was really gross and I am going to hate beans always because of her soup.

robert - we are resonating together.

natalie - that is a great question and it deserves an honest response. I may post about that soon. there's a lot there.

katie - I even copied some of your answers.

Jeff Irwin said...

right after i killed a guy for eating my beans i would go stand in for my youth pastor after shredding through some dctalk for the youth and then i'd go work out before jazz band which inevitably wore me out for marching band,, yeah, high school was great

bruce said...

what sort of books do you like?

do you mean to tell me there are books that aren't about church, republicans, or theology?

what are they about then?

CK said...

What do you have against beans? I love beans. Beans are great. See here.