Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some New Music

note: as of january 2008, and the closure of my beloved local record store lasers edge, I no longer purchase cds. I download all my records off of amazon (because itunes blows), or I buy them on vinyl. all of the records below are easily and affordably available at amazon.

Foals: UK. Awesome loops, drums, beats. Great energy. Edgy songwriting. And they’re on sub pop. What else do you need? Start with “electric bloom” and then buy their new album (antidotes) as soon as you possibly can. Highly recommended.

Cut Copy
: listen here. Australian band meets french new wave cinema meets early 80’s power pop. I can’t stop listening. Their new record “in ghost colours” is a straight-through listener. Highly recommended.

Bon Iver: listen. and read the lovely rachel digerness review here. the last track in particular on the new record, "for emma" is called "stacks" and it blows my mind every time I hear it. and his drum sounds and use of ambient guitars are two studio ideas I've already started ripping off. a great record.

Sun Kil Moon: I feel like I talk about mark kozelek and sun kil moon all the time. but the thing is, he is a genius and I think one of the best songwriters alive today. listen to clips from his new record "april", and sit back and let the songs wash over you. that's what I do. I downloaded this record within hours of it's release, and I have been listening to it almost daily ever since. definitely a top-ten record for the year.

Death Cab for Cutie: the lovable hatable indie band from seattle just released a new record, "narrow stairs".  I don't like it as much as their previous records, but it's still a good record, and vastly superior to 80% of what will come out this year.  worth a listen, especially if you are a death cab fan.

Sera Cahoone: I stumbled on sera's new record "only as the day is long", and her voice, and the sound of her songs immediately grabbed me.  listen here.  check out "baker lake".  it's not fair when people from seattle make better country music than a lot of people who live in the south. the record runs a little thin for me in spots, but there are several songs that I keep going back to.  and I'm a sucker for female vocalists.


David said...
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Matthew Smith said...

That Bon Iver record has taken me over. Great night-listening.

spitball said...

Thanks for the tips, B. I completely agree about the Mark Kozelek, especially love "Unlit Hallway." Am looking forward to hearing the Death Cab CD (it is in the mail, I am told). Your decription of the Cut Copy album intrigues me...I will check it out. On CD, if possible. Yes, I remain in CD mode.

Bryan said...

itunes DOES blow, and too many people use it solely because "apple" makes it. thank you for not being afraid to speak the truth.

Andrew and/or Amy said...

1. Sera is good.

2. Bon reminds me a teensy bit of Turn Brakes

3. Mark = Einstein of music.

4. Someday I will understand this Apple obsession.

Susannah said...

I really like Sera Cahoone a lot. And since you are putting out artists you like, I will recommend to you The Everybodyfields, and the song Good to be Home is really good.