Tuesday, May 13, 2008

iron man

On Sunday night, I went to the movie theatre and watched iron man. This is the first time I have been to the movies in a long time. This is because I don’t generally like movies very much. That said, iron man is the best movie ever made, in all the time of all the worlds.

In case you have been in a coma, iron man is a movie about a man who wears a robot suit which enables him to blow up anything in the world, literally.

If I had a robot suit like iron man, I would blow up a volcano, just for fun. And as the volcano was exploding, I would think about how ironic it is that a volcano is exploding.

Moreover, if I had a robot suit like iron man, I would quit my day job. And I would fight a lot more crime. These days, I only fight a little bit of crime. I would really like to start fighting more crime.

But the best part about having a robot suit is that I would have laser vision, and I’ve always thought shooting lasers out of my eyeballs is probably the coolest feature a human could ever have. If I had laser eye balls, I would totally shoot laser beams everywhere. In fact I would laser my own face, using a mirror. And then I would scream.


spitball said...

I can picture you writing posts like this one, leaning back in your chair with satisfaction, then throwing your head back and laughing like an evil genius.

John said...

Lol I love these posts.

BrentR said...

I love you photography, Brian. That is the best picture of a superhero I have ever seen.

Movies rock the party. If they could ever invent sunglasses with TV screens in them, I would watch two different movies all day long.

brett said...

is iron man actually made of iron?

The Shulls said...

Brian, you are hilarious!

Under The Mountain said...

Could Iron Man defeat Superman, the "Man of Steel"?

Brian T. Murphy said...

spitball - it's close to reality. I amuse myself pretty well with a lot of things.

john - thanks man. always good to hear from my australian friends.

brentr - thanks. this one was pretty hard to get.

brett - yes.

shulls - I'm just trying to be as funny as jared.

UTM - no. of course not.