Monday, May 19, 2008

BTM = hypocrite, and he also has mystery back pain

A friend recently sent me an email saying that I am a hypocrite because I write blogs about how I hate people who talk about how busy they are, and then I actually do the same thing.

He’s right.

I hate theworstweblogintheworld even more than I thought I did.

Life has been throwing a lot at me, but most of it is my own doing, my own lack of prioritizing, my own failings. so easy to see these weaknesses in others. so hard to see it in myself.

two nights ago, I couldn't sleep. I was literally writhing in pain for several hours. still don't know what it was. something in the top half of my spine and it was hurting so bad that it was hard to breathe. it felt like my ribs were closing in on my chest, and it was all coming from my spine. I can't explain it. I was sitting up and rolling around in the bed. It was seriously intense pain. brooke woke up, mad at me, wanting to know what in the hell was going on. I told her I didn't know, that something was wrong with my body and it was self destructing. and once she realized that I was not just trying to keep her awake, but was instead in agony, her anger subsided and she was really sweet and kind to me, and eventually, thanks to some choice drugs from my medically inclined wife, the pain subsided.

still don't know what it was. I couldn't breathe. it really kind of freaked me out.

I'm sure everything will be fine.


The Shulls said...

Sorry about your back pain, it's such a great feeling to know that we can count on somebody we love and mainly loves us even more when we are in need!

Natalie_S said...

Yeouch! I don't suppose you've thought of seeking medical counsel? I also know at least 3 very experienced herbalists if medical docs aren't your thing.

Jon Black said...

"Want me to show you a little trick to take your mind off that arm?" *breaks finger* "Works every time."

- Major Payne

hope you figure out what's going on with your back. I'm sure Lauren would be happy to talk about it if you need any extra medical advice.

Robert said...

That sucks soy-burgers! I had the same symptoms last fall. Mine was back spasms related to lingering spinal compression etc. I've found the ritual of sitting idle in a state of stress at work for 40hrs a week really effs with your spine. The remedy is chiropractic/PT/yoga/exercise... unless you busted a disc... then they have to operate on you.

Brian T. Murphy said...

yeah it only happened that one time. hasn't happened since. robert I really hope that everything you described doesn't apply to me.

shawn avery said...

poor posture. stress. weight training.

could be factors?

Brian T. Murphy said...

poor posture?




Liz said...

jb - love that flick.

btm - you and clint are like the super popular kids in school that don't know how to say no to everyone that wants a piece of your time. just say no brian.

and i'm sure that the back pain was your spine revolting against all that body building you've been doing.

Robert said...

I know this. Ninjas do a lot of yoga and you almost never hear them complain about back pain.

Andrew and/or Amy said...

i like choice drugs from medically inclined wives.

Clint Wells said...

yeah man. its just all the blasting we've been doing. we've really blasted our upper torsos the last month.

also, your back might be broken.

its so nice that brooke is a scientist/doctor. when i got my eyebrow pierced and it wouldnt heal and i just sort of ignored it hoping it would go away and the bulging purple welp above my eye would sink into my face, she was one of the few people who cared enough to inform me that i could lose my vision and/or bite the dust.

thank god and moses for science.