Tuesday, April 22, 2008

nashville christian music conference = ?

I have had a number of people (maybe 5) tell me, over the past few days, that they miss me writing here in theworstweblogintheworld. I kind of miss writing here, too. but then sometimes I don’t.

This past weekend I went to a conference in Nashville for church musicians in the PCA. I feel like I lead a triple life. I work during the week for the government. I work as often as I can with photography, or with writing / recording music. And then I work part time for this church called red mountain where we make nerdy hymn music that we think is actually kind of cool. Often, people who I am associated with in one of my triple lives have no idea that I do any of the other things that I do. I think I like that.

So, if you are reading this and are surprised that I went to a conference for church musicians, then yes, please know that I also was surprised to find myself there as well.

I couldn’t tell you much about the conference. They had speakers who talked about things I did not listen to (I meant to listen to this one guy – I really did – but instead my friend jeff Irwin was available to have coffee, so I left and met with him instead, and I’m really glad I did). They had some music that they played. And they had these seminar / workshop times that I mostly skipped, except for this one that kevin twit did, because kevin twit has been very kind to me and I like him. There were about 100 people there, from all over the country, who do what I do – music for weird PCA churches. And many of them I have gotten to know, and it was interesting and surprising for me to realize how much I liked the people at the conference.

I don't know if they are getting nicer, or if I am getting nicer, or maybe neither party was as mean as we all anticipated.

But you know what was better than the conference? It was spending time with good friends in Nashville. Thursday night jeff Irwin was playing bass with thad cockrell, so I caught the show at mercy lounge, while paul scodova stood by my side the entire time and refused to let me pay for my drinks. Saw a bunch of people I knew while I was at the show. Nashville is such an interesting place. After the show (which was really, really great – check out thad’s music for sure), I went back to irwin’s house, he opened a nice bottle of wine and we sat on his front porch talking until about 2am. His wife amy even woke up and joined us. thanks jeff and amy – it was great to catch up. And sorry for scaring your boy.

Friday night I called up my friends brett and chris – friends from college who I frequently lament not befriending until very late in our college years, and brett and I stayed up till I think 2:30 talking about music and photography. In the morning we went to eat breakfast at fido’s and we all high-fived eachother at the register. Nothing like a good high five with old friends. Last time I did that was when I fell on the floor at my birthday party while people sang to me. My pants were around my ankles, that’s why I fell down. When I got up I gave everyone in the room a high five. It was a nice moment.

Anyway. On the way home from Nashville I was thinking about what a great weekend it was. How nice it is to have so many friends in other cities. How nice it is to selectively attend Christian conferences, and how surprised I am to find gentle, kind people at a place like that. and more than anything, how wonderful it is to be with old friends.

oh. and I got some really amazing photos over the weekend. one of them is maybe my favorite shot ever.

okay. I think my next post is going to be about how much I hate laser tag.


Amyi said...

Thanks Brian...it was very nice to see you again and chat.
I too hate laser tag, mainly because while Jeff and I were dating, we went with a group from Belmont and Jeff was on the opposing team and he found me, held me down and just kept firing. Needless to say, he scored that night...but nothing sexual...I was pissed.

Katie said...

I was just saying that we should do a petition to get you really posting again. I miss you Bri.

Liz said...

i'm jealous you got the hang with the irwins. as a family they make up one of the small number of redeeming qualities of nashville.

Carissa Holly said...

Beautiful photographs.

brett said...

i'm glad you skipped out on a portion of your conference to laugh and drink with me and chris. also, thanks for the music!

that photo is incredible.

BrentR said...

Brian, so you ever play (music) up in Nashville (publicly)?

And exactly how did you get the clouds to swerve with the edge of the field like that?

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Wootton's said...

I'm sad not to have been there to catch up. Rob is in Seattle right now- I think your sister might be there. Chris is preaching this weekend.
I'm glad you had a good time...

Jeff Shinabarger said...

Hey Brian - you may not remember me, I am a friend of Josh and Katie's. Anyway, just wanted to tell you, your photography is really good. How are you using it? Just curious - keep taking photos you are really talented.

Brian T. Murphy said...

amy - thanks for putting me up. I love visiting with you guys. very good friends, you are to me. laser tag definitely blows.

katie - I always feel kind of torn because I don't feel very free to write about what I really want to write about here on the worstweblogintheworld. miss you too, sister.

liz - you don't like the nashville?

carissa - well, thank you very much.

brett - you have to tell me what you think about some of those records. some of that stuff has been blowing my freaking mind. definitely, very good to hang out. thanks man.

brentr - from time to time, yes. but less now than I used to. I do way more studio work these days than live playing. cloud swerving? not sure. probably my wide angle lens.

production trax - is that a custom tailored spam message? I'm impressed.

claudia - it was a surprisingly good, refreshing time. too bad you missed it. yes my sister (one of them) lives near seattle, in yakima.

jeff - hey man - definitely I remember you. met you over at katie and josh's place. I specifically remember thinking "I like that guy" after meeting you which is kind of a lame thing for me to admit and write, but at the same time kind of a rare thing for me on a first introduction with someone. look forward to maybe hanging out again sometime. how am I using my photography? good question. still figuring that one out. I've got several avenues I'm currently exploring - but for the most part - I use it as therapy and much needed creative-outlet.