Thursday, April 3, 2008

court, and thoughts on the last 5 years of making music

Today I had lunch with court clement, he’s a friend I met back in the good old rock star days of 2003. we were in a band together called parkers back, with eliot morris. we were on a major label, we had a building fan base, and we were pretty convinced that music, rock and roll, and being apart of an important, exciting band was basically our life’s work, laid out before us.

That band did a lot of things for me. It kept me out of seminary. It gave me more musical confidence than anything I had experienced before it. It showed me that life on the road, with a band, is one of sweetest things life can throw at you. it got me to start reading. It opened up a whole new world of music in terms of writing / collaborating / being apart of a collective music writing process (come to think of it, for that last part I owe a big thank you to eliot morris). and it introduced me to friends and musicians in nashville who I still work with and keep in touch with on a regular basis.

The band eventually, well, disbanded, but we’ve all kept playing music. court has stayed busier than any of us, finding gigs with a wide variety of artists (currently mark broussard), traveling the world, playing on night shows, working on some exciting records, finding good, steady work as a professional musician. at lunch today I told court, “man – good for you – I’m so glad that you are able to do what you do…” and I really meant it. court’s a great player and a good friend, and I’m glad to see him able to do something that he loves.

And we talked a bit about the record-making machine that is red mountain. I started working on the red mountain stuff around the time things started slowing with our other band, and what has surprised me, what has really surprised me, and what I told court today, realizing it again as truth as I said it, is how much I really love this music I make with red mountain. like, I really love it. I say to my friends somewhat frequently, “hey, you want to come and play on my christian record?” and they often reply, as court did today, “anytime man – I’d love to”.

It’s surprising how sometimes you get what you want, in the most unexpected ways. I really always had this dream of doing, well, I guess what court’s doing now. and don’t get me wrong – if thom yorke calls me tomorrow asking me to join his band, I’d do it immediately. but in the meantime, I’m finding that making this strange batch of music, and really, being apart of a community of musicians who write and work so well together (something I learned from eliot and need to give him credit for), and seeing these songs be embraced by others, has turned out to be the most satisfying body of work I’ve ever been apart of. kind of a big deal.

So anyway. I’m kind of rambling. but thanks court – for lunch today. It was great to catch up.

And thanks to all the people in georgia, especially Harvey, Matt, and Aaron, who invited us out this past weekend to travel and play and share our nerd christian hymn music with you. music is something I’d be doing alone if I had to, but I’m thankful I’ve been able to share it with so many people over the years.

kind of interesting to sit back and think about it.


Auburn Wine said...

Great photos - and I was pleased and surprised to see your appreciation of Wendell Berry. I studied writing with Wendell in grad school at UK many years ago, and think he's about the best poet around.

Keep up the good work!

- Chuck Hill, Auburn

Andrew and/or Amy said...

here's to good music.

Elisa M said...

Great post. I am thankful that you and the motley crew of RM musicians do what you do...and do it so well.

katie said...

cool thoughts. i love it when truth comes out verbally first and then hits our minds as such second.
maybe because it's bigger than us?

i just linked to rmm today. :) i'm glad you do what you do~ so well.

katie said...

i think i subliminally copied elisa m's comment with my last line...sorry.

ELT said...

long post for btm. sounds like you're almost waxing nostalgic. some rmc folk may say you're softening...

you better watch out. you'll lose that bad reputation you've been keeping up all these years.