Friday, March 28, 2008

april fools day photo walk

I'm hosting another photo walk, downtown birmingham, april 1. starts around 5:30pm. more info here. the purpose of this thing is to meet new people, learn a few things about photography, practice a few things with photography, and of course, walk around the city and take some cool pictures. last time we had a pretty big turnout, most of the people I didn't know at all. I'm expecting an even bigger crowd this time. if you've got a few free hours on tuesday night, come out and join us. we'll be out till about sunset. here's a few of the shots I got last time:


Susannah said...

What do you do to the color in your pictures? It amazes me.

David Wilhite said...

Hey Brian, it's David. I met you tonight in Athens. Again, I really enjoyed the time tonight. You guys helped me worship.

So, if you could send me the link for "God Moves" I'd really appreciate it. Thanks man.

shawn avery said...

BTM... you should create a myspace page for this group.

The Shulls said...

Man.. you are sooooo good! I absolutely love your pictures!!