Sunday, February 24, 2008

photos with evander

I'm up late most nights. and a couple nights ago, I noticed my friend evander was up too, so I hit him up on the video chat and said, want to go take some photos? and he said, "yes". and then we took some pictures, around midnight, of power sub-stations and train tracks.


Elisa M said...

I dig. You are a very creative person. Like your creavity just seeps out of your pores and you can't hide it.

shawn avery said...

digging the power station.

evan said...

Conversation overheard at the water cooler:

Business Person #1: "Who is this Evander fellow?"

Business Person #2: "Oh, you mean BTM's gay friend?"

Business Person #3: "I heard he's really in to the arts but has no talent. Sort of like a professional critic of sorts."

Business Person #2: "Yeah, he and BTM used to be lovers."

Business Person #3: "But isn't BTM married?"

Business Person #2: "Don't be so naive. That never stopped Ted Haggard. Besides, I've seen them walking around Wal-Mart together over compensating by buying bullets."

Business Person #1: "So sad."