Monday, December 17, 2007


brooke and I went to savannah this past weekend.  this is because we have now been married for six years and there is a rule somewhere that says you must travel every time you have been married for six years.

the town is pretty cool, if you are into old trees with moss all over them, and old squares full of monuments to dead people, and also, if you are into old houses, brimming with victorian clutter.  if you are into these three things I suggest you visit savannah.  you will not be disappointed.

I was glad that brooke didn't care about the old victorian things so much.  we walked around the town, and went to the beach on a cold windy day, and chilled out for a few days.  it was a nice break.


e* said...

i am into good pictures, and pictures involving cold people on the beach. therefore i endorse your trip to Savannah.

Liz said...

i'm gonna need you to put your photo taking skills to use in san fran for the sake of my marriage. i just realized that clint and i have approximately 4 photos to document the entirity of our marriage because i am always the one weilding the camera.

looks like some quality silly time in savannah, which is some of the best time. gotta love letting loose with the person you love. cheers, and congratulations on 6 years!

shawn avery said...

wow. that last photo is pretty amazing. totally macho.

george edema said...

Congrats on six years.

We went to Savannah on our honeymoon. It was hot then, and we didn't have money to do much, just ate candy from the river street shops and visited the art galleries.

bruce said...

congrats! we spent 2 days there on our honeymoon and loved it. i hear charleston is fantastic in the same way.

tripp ethridge said...

I would never run up on a guy that had a big palm branch like that.