Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hired photographer

I have had a number of requests to do photos for people.  mostly for friends, for people who know that photography is something I am somewhat obsessed with (and that my camera is almost always with me).  I am slow to call myself a photographer, and even slower to be willing to charge for my services.  I guess part of me feels like so many people buy a nice camera and then WHAM! start a photography business, and to be honest, so often people who start photography businesses, their photography is just sort of okay.  I'm not saying that to be mean, I'm just saying that I have been, and am, really hesitant to turn this hobby that I really love - and artistic outlet that I really need - into some sort of business.  and also, I like that my photographs are for me.  it kind of changes things when it has to be for someone else.

maybe that doesn't make any sense.

anyway, this weekend I broke down, and I had a lot of fun doing it.  on saturday, I was hired as an assistant photographer by local wedding photographer mark parker, with marks brides.  and then on sunday, I shot some couple shots for a friend, korliss.  some of the shots turned out pretty well. some samples from the weekend.  


e* said...

if it makes you feel any better, you can continue to take pictures of me for free.

HEWY said...

Cool Pictures!

Kari said...

Brian these are great pictures as always! My question is how are you going to take pictures and play music at my future wedding: )

Charlotte said...

your shots rock.

Liz said...

about damn time.

i like the last one best.

BrentR said...

Dressed up men on stairs = incredible shot. Where did you get the idea for the camera tilt on this one?

Melanie said...

The last photo is very nice as a photo.

I know exactly what you mean, and that's exactly how I feel. I don't feel at all qualified to do weddings, though I've already had two people ask off the net after seeing concert photos. I shoot concerts without flash. I need more education on flash lighting before I even think about a wedding.. even unpaid.

And I love concert photography. I get plenty of bad shots. The main thing that makes me different is that I know when I have a bad shot generally. But if I were to be a "pro" I would have to have a good shot and it wouldn't be as much fun. So I shoot for free. I'd rather. This doesn't always make some pros very happy. LOL I still think a lot of them are better than I.

My husband used to be a portrait photographer, but he rather got out of the habit of photography. And really, people have done the "I've got a cool camera now I'm a pro" thing for a long time. My spouse doesn't really seem much interested in digital, though. Some day I'll see about trying to remedy that.

O.K. Going to look for some of your music now so I can listen. :)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

Brian, I totally agree, and completely see where you are coming from. Photographers are like lawyers popping up everywhere, and not too many are very good. ;) Your work is awesome though...I keep coming back for more!