Monday, November 19, 2007

november 28. bottletree. 8pm. brad lyons / jon black

I've known brad for I guess over a decade now. he's one of the better musicians I know, and he recently moved back to birmingham after a long time in nashville. brad's been writing some fantastic songs and since he's been in town I've enjoyed many late nights, long conversations, and late-into-the-night music sessions. we're playing a show at bottletree, the wednesday after thanksgiving. gonna be a short, simple set. me and clint wells filling up all sorts of sonic space behind brad. and afterwards, our friend jon black is going to play some more songs.

brad and jon are two of my favorite musicians in birmingham, both are talented songwriters. here are 7 reasons I am going to see you at bottletree next week:

1. you have been given plenty of advance notice (CJ)
2. cover is only $5.
3. music is seriously going to make you punch your sister in the knee.
4. show starts at 8pm, so you can still go to bed at a reasonable hour.
5. there's nothing else going on on wednesday nights, and if there is, bring them to the show instead.
6. the food at bottletree is really good, so you can have an all-inclusive night out (some call this a date)
7. clint wells will be playing his electronical guitar.


e* said...

hey, i think i know that guy... from auburn?

Brian T. Murphy said...

yup. he's also a homewood grad.

Carla Jean said...

ha, I totally got called out.

And I DO already have plans! Baby shower that night.

Katie said...

why is it always the sister who gets punched?