Wednesday, October 3, 2007

would you like a sewer sandwich?

Come on over! It all started just a few days ago, when water was not properly draining from a sink in the basement. a quick visit from a plumber, and we were informed that it was an advanced form of water, called sewage.

Those of you not familiar with sewage – it is poop. and it is currently floating and thriving in my basement.

It’s funny, you know, because poop, upon being flushed, is supposed to go away forever, not linger in the lower levels of your home. but that’s the way we roll at the murphy house – with sewage.

It’s been a busy week of recording music and mixing for a new cd. we ran out of food one night, so I decided to offer everyone a sewer sandwich. the recipe is two pieces of bread, and then you just go down to the basement and gather some sewage between the bread, and then you put it in your mouth and then you swallow it and eat it. and then the best part about a sewer sandwich is that when you poop it out, it goes immediately back into my basement, which is a little thing that we in the murphy house like to call “recycling”.

Sound gross? well – I thought so too, at first. mostly because the bread gets soggy from the sewage. I learned that if you use french bread, and eat quickly, the sewage consistency is much stronger, and the sandwich quality definitely improves. If french bread is not available, then I suggest two pieces of bread for more sewage absorption.

Toasting sewer sandwiches is not an option. they are meant to be eaten cold, soggy, and fresh.

I’ll keep you posted on the sewage. I leave for san francisco tomorrow. my hope is that when I return home next week, I’ll be able to feed sewage to every neighbor in crestwood.


Liz said...

brian, that picture made my day.

and instead of a sewage leak, we found out last night that we have a gas leak. cheers to brand new, explosive homes.

Matt Churnock said...

We are over run with rats and the city says they are coming from the sewer. It is nice to know that the Murphy's are the ones 'pushing them out'.

Brian T. Murphy said...

liz - well, fantastic. and welcome to the brave new world of home ownership.

matt - rats? gross. from the sewer? even grosser.

Courtlan said...

you said poop. Actually a few times in the article (which is what a call that amazing piece of literature on the previous page). And I'm listening to Billy Ocean right now. Nothing better than a little poop talk with some Billy Ocean. You should try it Coach.

The Amy said...

Did Paul tell you that Jeff and I listened while our computer "read" your blog aloud to us? I swear, it was one of the funniest things ever. I highly suggest it...especially for this sewage blog in particular. Peace BM, peace.