Friday, October 26, 2007

spots. speakeasy. TONIGHT!

photo: btm

design, layout, mad design skills: shawn avery


Daniel said...

Awesome photo/design.
Shame I can't be there!

katie said...

LOVE this design.
yeah, i'm lurking. said...

Sorry, I already have plans to go see the Danny Murphy Trio, or DMT as all the kids call them.

shawn avery said...

cool. BTM digs it.

BTM is a SICK, wicked good photographer.

Brian T. Murphy said...

daniel - yeah too bad you live across the atlantic. will be a nice night for sure.

katie - well: mad props to shawn. I just did what I always do - spend an absurd amount of time on photography. you are welcome to lurk. been enjoying some conversation with your husband...

tsc - DM3. get it right.

shawn - of course I dig it. I dig all things avery. and as always, you are way too kind.