Tuesday, October 30, 2007

some new music

last night, I was over at the home of some friends for dinner, good wine, good conversation, etc. and I put the new red mountain record on for everybody to hear (available in about a month). the record went through and then I switched it over to the new iron and wine record, and as soon as the first iron and wine song played, a friend says to me “oh, wow, brian – I really like this one.” and I said – “yeah I do too, but it’s not me, it’s iron and wine.”

hey, no big deal. iron and wine is better than red mountain. I can handle that.

(thanks charlotte, dinner was fantastic)

so, I’m told that apparently people like it when I post about new music that I’m into. so here goes.

check out shepherd’s dog. great record. iron and wine purists feel like it is a little too produced, but I say it’s a great move forward. I dig it.

josh ritter – new album, historical conquests of josh ritter, can be streamed here. josh is playing tomorrow (Halloween) night at workplay. I'll be there at the show, not dressed as a trojan, and afterwards, I'll be down at lasers edge to catch the free in-store. that's right - you heard me correctly - tomorrow night at 11:30pm josh ritter is playing a FREE INSTORE SHOW at lasers edge. and wait. it gets better. brian t. murphy (that's me) will be recording the show with fancy recording gear. so once again you have the chance to be on a btm live recording session - this time with josh ritter. looking forward to hanging out with josh, getting some great tunes, and seeing everybody.

Hem - ever since andrew spear introduced me to this band, about 4 years ago, I have found that my favorite band from new york consistently delivers fantastic music. they have a new ep, home again, with 6 songs they wrote and dropped for television commercials. check it out. the songs are strikingly beautiful.

Griffin House – stream his new record, flying upside down, off his site. At least half of the record is really good.

Sea wolf – saw this band last week at bottletree, and they were pretty good. check their myspace and see what you think.

radiohead is of course awesome, but I’m not saying anything about in rainbows here because if you don’t already know about this record, then you probably don’t really like music that much anyway.

of course - all these records - with the exception of the radiohead and griffin house records, of course, are available at your favorite local record store - lasers edge. go say hello to fred and pick a few of these up.


Benj said...

Yeah, Iron and Wine is good and the new album is really good. I actually just ordered my ticket for their Dallas show today.

brian prentiss said...

i was going to post a "music rec" page on my blog that included these two cds, now i'm gonna look like such a poseur.

i LOVE the new iron and wine, I can't stop listening to it. the josh ritter is great too - he played here in San Francisco last week and it was a great show! he seemed like he was having a great time.

Jared Peterson said...

Thanks for the recommendations. Music losers like me appreciate it. I'm going to see Josh Ritter at The Cat's Cradle here in Chapel Hill/Carborro next Monday night. I'll have grab Iron and Wine sometime soon. Thanks Brian.

Charlotte said...

I was going to post about my very embarassing introduction to the album because Iron & Wine has the word "wine" in it. It's funny because you are one guy I would never want to insult. I love your music--the new album is great--when is it going to be ready? I bought Shepherd's Dog off itunes yesterday morning. Thanks for introducing me... Well, I have loved their version of Such Great Heights from the Garden State soundtrack for a while now. My kids even like I & W--they were both dancing around to it this morning after breakfast. I turned it up during Resurrection Fern & Brady told me it was too loud--he couldn't hear the trains.

We love being with you & Brooke. And, thanks for the curbside service trick-or-treating last night. Pretty sad, huh? We did actually knock on everyone else's doors...

Thanks, also for additional new music recommendations. Keep em' coming...

Charlotte said...

OK. Now I see it will be ready in a month... Sorry about my poor reading comprehension.

Andrew Spear said...

I remember that day. It was with Daniel Long.