Tuesday, October 16, 2007

o lord of all earth's children

so, again, those who know me know that I have dreams of someday making a record for children. I'm still trying to figure out what it will look like, what it will sound like, how it will come together; but I have hope that it will be my best work, maybe ever.

I told clint last night that it will probably be a decade in the making. hopefully it will be worth the wait.

in the meantime, here's the latest song. the text was sent to me from an englishman who I have never met. but he's written some fantastic texts that are very hymn-like, and I appreciate the fact that he is still alive and writing on the level of dead people.

this text really grabbed me. especially the line "take far the thought of anger". it was a bit of an angry week for me last week. anyway, I was playing around with this one, feeling insecure about it, and brooke said "hey - I like that one". so I decided to record a demo of it.

it's me singing, which is always a bad option. but you get the idea.

audio here

Text: Ewan King
Music: Brian T. Murphy, 2007

O lord of all earth's children
Be here while grace is said
bring mercy round our table
and bless our daily bread

take far the thought of anger
from every heart and mind
and from the fear of hunger
free us and all mankind

oh lord of all earth's children
be here while grace is said
bring mercy round our table
and bless our daily bread


Aaron said...

i would/will play that for my little man.

Danny said...

sounds great Bean. Maybe my childrens kids can play it for their kids.....

BrentR said...

I've never heard you sing, Brian. Not a bad option at all. I'm willing to wait a decade.

kristen said...

Beautiful words, they really grabbed me, and I think the tempo is very singable for children. And, in selfishness, I hope this record is not a decade in the making.

Dictated comment from Kate, aged 3.
"I listened to your song on my mom's computer. It is very cute. We should sing it at church."

Brian T. Murphy said...

aaron - thanks man.

danny - ha. you can't call me bean here. I'm trying to maintain an image of cool sophistication. and yeah, danny IV is totally going to rock out to this one.

brentr - I sing when I have to...

kristen - I agree. these words really grabbed me too. and maybe this will come together sooner than a decade. who knows. thanks.

kate - thank you very much. maybe we can sing this one at red mountain some time. that would be fun.

Charlotte said...

"take far the thought of anger..."

Very timely for me right now with respect to my relationship with my daughter. My interactions with her are more defined by anger than anything else right now. This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with.

I'm letting this song play over & over for a really long time...

Jon Black said...

great text my friend... you're voice was great too.

Benj said...

I've yet to come to a computer where I can hear this, but I am totally in support of this children's album idea. The last song you did of this ilk was great.

Courtlan said...

This is a beautful song Coach. Really well done. I'm including this in Quinn's bedtime tune rotation. You rock, and soft rock.

mandychadwick said...

thank you for this, you are quite talented... im really looking forward to the new Red Mountain album.

Curt Chadwick
Ft Worth, TX

t.sc said...

Really beautiful. I kept waiting for the drums and power chords to kick it, but I'm sure that will be in the final radio version.