Thursday, October 18, 2007

I got some really cool shots tonight


Ang said...

Those pics are great!!! Night shots like that are hard to get.

shawn avery said...

AMAZING. i want detail about the camera, settings, lens, etc. the exposures on these are perfect.

tell me tonight, as i am performing improvisational basslines in close proximity to your keyboard.


Brian T. Murphy said...

thanks ang - yeah I've been pretty freaked out on night shots for awhile now.

shawn - you are too kind. for most of those shots I'm using my wide angle (12-24 lens), low aperture, and 8-12 second shutter speed. exceptions being the street lights and the shot of the woman, which were taken with my beloved (and superfast) 50mm / f1.4.

but I edited the hell out of these - as I do with all my shots. and most of these are HDR, so they are multiple images, taken at different settings, combed into one.

we can talk more nerd photo talk tonight, as we lay down killer grooves at the art museum. see you in an hour.

Queen of the Squirrels said...

As always, your photography amazes and inspires me. I'm really looking forward to when we can afford a digital slr so I can try some of this stuff...

sigh. Keep them coming!

PS The lady in the final photo is real pretty :)

Brian T. Murphy said...

queen - thanks. will do. get an SLR soon, it will change your life. always good to hear from you. and yes, the lady - very lovely indeed.