Sunday, October 21, 2007

the danny murphy trio

my father stopped playing music professionally about the time I was born. I was the 4th of 5 kids, money was tight, time was even tighter, so the music had to go. dad was in his late 30's. but he always kept playing. I grew up watching his hands on the piano, and I remember thinking all the time how I wanted to be able to play like him. I'd sit at the piano and play things that were terrible. and I remember as a 5 year old, knowing there were songs in that piano, that I just didn't yet know how to get them out.

fast forward 28 years. dad's a bit retired these days, looking to get back into playing out again. and so this past weekend I put him together with two of my favorite jazz musicians in town - bass player tim carroll, and drummer michael glaser, and we set up mics and had a blast for most of saturday afternoon.

the thing about my dad is - he's really good. and you know, a lot of people say that about their family - they always think their dad or their brother is the best and smartest ever - but seriously, he really is good.

the music is just kind of in him. these old jazz songs - he didn't learn them in a classroom.

here, have a listen.


Daniel said...

Awesome. I want the album when it's done! I'll remember the afternoon at his piano for a long long time. Say hi to Mr Murphy Sr. from me.

brett said...

dude that was freaking awesome! i must hear more.

Fittsy said...



Katie said...

our dad is so good.

Robert said...

Corcovado... Sweet! Michael is the only drummer in Bham I know that can play that softly in a room with all hard surfaces. You should produce a live record.

Is your dad playing gigs?

John in Birmingham said...

Nice. And free, just like Radiohead!

Brian T. Murphy said...

daniel - stay posted. we're working on it. and yes, I was glad you got to hear him play as well.

brett - yeah there's lots more. I was up most of last night mixing this stuff down. sounds amazing.

rebekah - cool. thanks for stopping by.

katie - it's true. he really is.

robert - I was hoping you might still be around the worstweblogintheworld. so the song is called corcovado? I of course had no idea. and agreed about glaser. I love the way he plays. and as far as the live record goes - that's become a bit of a specialty for me lately. dad isn't playing too many gigs yet - we're working on that.

john - just like radiohead, indeed.

Carla Jean said...

Loved it. More, please.

(Also, my iTunes decided to follow that track with "Your Rocky Spine." Which works for me.)

BrentR said...

The DM3. Do you ever play with your dad? said...

That's some tight ***t. Your dad can really play. I also like that it's old school jazz and not some soft-jazz crap. Sounds like a you should be in some side-street bar in 1962, wearing a skinny tie and drinking a scotch with some broad.

Benj said...

Man, this library computer won't let me download anything. I'll have to check this out when I get access to a better computer.

Brian T. Murphy said...

CJ - more should be available soon. also, I'm not familiar with that tune.

brentr - no, not really. once, maybe 2 years ago, my dad and brother were visiting, and came to hear the spots play, and my brother sat in on drums, dad played piano, and I played keys / organ. it was a cool moment, but that's the only time I can think of that I really played with dad. he was fairly hands-off with me growing up.

tsc - totally. he seriously can play. and I love that it's the old style jazz, too. definitely my preference.

benj - I hate libraries and their computers.