Sunday, September 30, 2007

jon black

I have a friend. his name is jon black. and he plays guitar and sings. and friday night, he did so at workplay, which is a nice place to play guitar and sing, or hear somebody else play guitar and sing.

you can catch jon at smith's olde bar in atlanta in october and november, or check his site to see when he plays birmingham again.

in the meantime, just look at my photos (I have no idea where my photos of jon went) (dang you, blogger) and you will get a sense of his greatness and simultaneously know that you missed out on friday night.

p.s. jon and I re-did an old hymn together, a few months back. I was going through some hymns earlier tonight and remembered that I really liked this one.


emily said...

Well, the good thing about a night with no sleep is the thought, "oh yeah, btm has a blog that people rave about. maybe i should go check it out." and then i do. and it's worth my time.

i listened to the children's hymn with jon black. i know a long time ago melanie nudged you to do a cd with RMCS kids. is she still asking for that? you should totally do a childrens cd or cd featuring children singing. it would be amazing. do this: go to chapel one wednesday, while the kids are singing, close your eyes and listen. maybe, in heaven, you'll be playing and they'll be singing.

Daniel said...

Did I once meet Jon Black's bottom?

Brian T. Murphy said...

emily - well, thanks for inflating my ego. I appreciate it. nice to know that the "blog people rave about" was worth your time. that's a lot of pressure for me - a lot of expectations to maintain...

and all the while I thought I was sabotaging this thing with a bad title and an assault of personal photography.

yes melanie and I still talk about that from time to time. I have this feeling that a children's cd - that children's music - may be what I find to be my life's calling - like I'll be 10, 15 years down the road from now and I'll find myself fully immersed in songs for children - creating and crafting records that children truly love and appreciate.

maybe it will never happen.

maybe it will happen sooner than I expect.

daniel - yes - you did.

ersatz said...

jon black has the greatest pair of sneaker cowboy boots that i've ever seen, almost like he's from texas and a great basketball player. like GW with skills and more facial hair.

i hope things are going well. sweet photographs by the way.

Muchiri said...

I love Jon Black...his songs are so awesome....