Friday, August 3, 2007

shameless self promotion post #437: I know you love hearing about the spots all the time

I went down to the WBHM radio station on wednesday with mr. shawn avery, and together we did our 2nd interview for the tapestry radio show. it wasn't supposed to air until august 16, but surprisingly, it aired last night. several of you heard it, and I know this because you called me saying "btm, you are on air, lying, at this very minute". for those of you that missed it, you can listen here.

friday. august 17. speakeasy. mark your calendars. spots are playing again, and this time, we will be doing a live recording. I'm pretty excited about it because all of the recordings we've done have been live, but never in front of a listening audience. I look forward to hearing how the energy of the room transfers to tape. anyway. plan to be there and plan to shout and yell and heckle or whatever it is you like to do. it will be fun to make this live recording, and it will be even more fun to have you there.

*this photo is one of my favorites. no photoshop at all. I took this one back a few months ago, after a private party we played out in the country. the car drove by before clint and I got in the photo, so the light goes in front and behind various spots. total accident. totally awesome.


Nicholas said...

will there be some spot cd's available for purchase?

Brian T. Murphy said...

yes. of course.

shawn avery said...

i love this photo. i'm doing my famous wonder woman pose. during this "photo shoot" i jumped off of a pile of gravel and seriously fu#*ed up my knee.


long live the spots.

Liz said...

that whole series of photos looks like it was done on mars. awesome.

shawn- i love your wonderwoman pose.

Benj said...

Are you turning into a rock star?

Elisa M said...

I am excited. Very Excited.

Brian T. Murphy said...

shawn - I love the wonderwoman pose, and I am sorry about your knee.

liz - I am so good at the mars effect. it is a skill I have honed.

benj - yes. and too bad you can't make it out on the 17th. gonna be a good weekend.

elisa - thanks for the ice. and keep punching.