Monday, August 20, 2007

red mountain music is better than no music

I want to make a t-shirt that says that. anybody want to design that for me? hey, here’s something different. red mountain is playing in birmingham. we play plenty of other places, but haven’t played locally since our cd release at workplay, over a year ago (well, other than every sunday night at red mountain church). we’re playing at cool beans in homewood, august 28, from 9-11pm. it’s for a college group affiliated with dawson and brookwood baptist. but of course anyone can come who is interested. will be very low-key. just a few of us sitting around singing some of our nerdy hymn music. these things always end up being surprisingly refreshing and - I hesitate to say this, but it’s true – reverent, and even worshipful. I realize that the older I get, the more I have no idea what these christian terms mean.

But there’s truth in these old songs. I can’t get away from that.

Nerdy hymn music. It’s nerdy, but I often feel it’s all I’ve got.

*photo credit liz wells.


Elisa M said...

I am working on that T shirt for you (for real). Since I left RMC, what I miss most is the music. I am excited to hear you guys again.

Dre said...

Is it really nerdy? I mean there will always be folks that enjoy it. Maybe I've just never been a fan of the word since I still don't really know what it means, much less all those other terms.

Carla said...

I think there is such a thing as a hip nerd. And perhaps that is the best way to describe a lot of people I know.

Benj said...

Nerdy hymn music is one of my favorite things.

Daniel said...

Your nerdy hymn music has changed my life. I'm actually being serious. I love it, and very few days go by where I don't listen to some of it.

Looking forward to perhaps making some more nerdy hymn music with you in just as few weeks!

Matthew Smith said...

more nerdy hymn music at the briarwood tomorrow as well.

Brian T. Murphy said...

elisa - cool. if red mountain is as good at selling tshirts as we are at selling bumper stickers, it should be a smash hit.

dre - it is nerdy. I'm pretty sure it's official.

carla - it's true. the older we get, the cooler the nerds become. and the nerdier the cool people try to be.

benj - mine too.

daniel - you are kind, and you are generous, and you are of course my favorite englishman. and it seems like you will be in town for a spots gig, which will of course be the musical highlight of probably your entire life!

matthew - I am so there. and I want back stage passes so I can meet the band.

Aaron said...

i think we may play more RM songs than you do.
Justin and lisa should swing by and see you guys next week.

brett said...

i like your nerdy hymn music.

i also like that we're going to italy in just two weeks.

Brian T. Murphy said...

aaron - that's pretty encouraging, actually. knowing that other's sing these songs makes the long nights (like the ones I'm in the middle of right now) seem worthwhile.

brett - thanks. and yes, I know. italy in two weeks. can you believe it? I'm glad you guys are going with us, and I'm glad that you like to take pictures, because I'm probably going to take about 4thousand.