Tuesday, August 28, 2007

3hree things

1. red mountain music is doing a small, somewhat intimate concert, TONIGHT, at cool beans in homewood. I've said this before, and it really does seem mysteriously true - these things always turn out way cooler than I expect...

music from 9-11pm. come on out, have some coffee, say hello. we'd be honored to see you there, as always.

2. A LOT of progress / things happening on the red mountain music front. just last night clint and I were in the studio till 3am working on guitar parts. go here to read more about it. we're going to start trying to do a better job of updating the red mountain blog. especially in the coming weeks / months with a cd project wrapping up.

3. anybody reading from albuquerque? if so, we'll be in your city, playing at heritage christian fellowship on sunday morning (sept. 2), and then a concert at grace church, this coming sunday night.


Robert said...

Cool, I hope to hear your piano on this one.

stephanie said...

Pfft. Albuquerque.

You should stop in Dallas on your way through.

evan said...

Brian is so sexy on the tambourine!