Monday, July 30, 2007

my weekend, which I know you care about, tremendously

On saturday, I went with some friends to a river house out on the black warrior river. the weekend consisted of eating way too much, playing some games on the floor, shooting guns at fist-thrown-fruit, driving my human and dingo loaded truck down country dirt roads, listening to superfluous amounts of cootie stark piedmont blues, and watching hans christian anderson films as we had intense conversations and drifted off to sleep. (this photo of brooke, above, taken by my friend t. scott)

For the record: I do not generally enjoy games. I do not know why this is. but for some reason this weekend, I enjoyed them. also for the record: hans christian anderson sucks. thirdly for the record: I am quite good at obliterating airborne fruit with a shotgun.

This weekend, I also enjoyed a visit from my friend paul scodova, also known as theguywhomakesredmountainsoundgood. in this photo, paul is about to miss the pear that I am throwing into the air. paul was in town to help figure out what in the world we are going to do with the audio situation in the new rmc building. paul says we need about $30-50k to really get the room sounding good. I said, “sounds fantastic! what can we do with, maybe, twelve dollars?” and he laughed at me and pointed at me and then did what paul does best – takes my crass, limited sound engineering ideas and makes them sound 4thousand times better. thanks again, paul. always good to see you. and you really are so good at what you do.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that clint wells is a rock and roll star. he is too cool to tell you this on his own blog, so I will tell you here. I have been repeatedly saying for some time now that clint wells is the best guitar player in birmingham, and pretty soon we will need to say that he is also one of the best guitar players in nashville. last thursday night, while the rest of us were eating peaches and swatting mosquitoes in the alabama evening, clint quietly drove to nashville to play guitar with griffin house. griffin house, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a truly fantastic songwriter.


Matthew Smith said...

I personally witnessed Clint's rock stardom as he played Excellent Rock Guitar for the oneandonly Griffin House.

brett said...

i love airborne fruit. i love shooting fruit out of the air even more.

shawn avery said...
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shawn avery said...

in the 60s... clapton was god.

in the 70s... page was satan.

in the 80s... van halen was an alchemist.

in the 90s... corgan was the future.

in the 00s... wells is ubiquitous.

i also destroyed fruit this weekend at my mother's farm house. and my great uncle gave us bottles and bottles of his home-made brew. beer, red wine, white wine...


July 30, 2007 11:47 AM

Matt Adair said...

Last Thursday, I was listening to Griffin House, imagining Clint playing guitar on some great tracks. Does that count?

Benj said...

Nice. Shooting stuff looks like fun. I think I might be shooting some stuff in the future. I've never shot a gun. And I live in Texas! Like, WTF?

Clint is a rock star. I know this and you know this.

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Brooke and the other girl on the swing. It looks like a painting. Like if you crossed one of the old American romantic painters with Vermeer or somebody. The light is incredible. t.scott takes good photos.

CK said...

That last comment was me, sorry.

bruce said...

what is a hans christian anderson film?

Brian T. Murphy said...

msmith – and…?

brett – flying fruit is indeed vastly superior to resting fruit.

shawn – clint is indeed a phenom. sounds like you also had a lovely weekend with fruit. we should write a song about weekend fruit. It would likely be a massive hit.

matt – it is basically the same thing as actually being there.

benj – you need to shoot a gun. It is imperative for texans.

ck – yeah I liked the one of brooke and chrissy (on the swing) too. I actually took that one. t.scott is quite the badass with a camera. no doubt about that at all.

bruce – check the link, of course. but also, it is code for "really bad motion picture".

Matthew Smith said... was Excellent Rock Guitar.

wow, this blog gets a lot of comments. said...

BTM that swing photo is impressive. Pretty damn impressive. I put up some more farm photos on Flickr. Including one you throwing a pear like a man. A real man. Brooke will want a print.

bruce said...

i mean i checked he link - i don't get it - there was no information about hans christian anderson movies - did you watch the little mermaid?

Clint Wells said...

liz said i looked like a werewolf in that picture. she then immediately defended the comment saying, "what? thats not a negative comment."

thanks for the kind words.

CK said...

Sorry, Chrissy, I didn't recognize you. Hat and glasses and all that.

Kick-ass photo, Brian.

You do kinda look like a werewolf, Clint. Sorry.

Matthew Smith said...

Not just a werewolf, a TEEN WOLF.

Brian T. Murphy said...

msmith - I get a lot of comments mostly because people feel sorry for me, because I eat my own flesh, and bark.

tscott - again, I am constantly surprised at the photos people like. I seriously almost deleted that photo, and then I cropped it and decided it was okay. and now you and ck tell me you like it. I can't figure that crap out at all. and, when I throw a pear, I ooze testosterone. it's a fact.

bruce - funny. no, not little mermaid, but we did actually watch pinocchio. I hadn't ever seen it before. this is because disney is evil and everyone knows it.

clint, ck, msmith - yeah I remember saying something about the werewolf / teenwolf when that photo originally emerged. seemed like you got a haircut shortly after that photo. sorry. I should have put up a better photo of you.

Robert said...

It sounded fine. ...certainly good enough if you have a pedestrian view of corporate worship. But you know what would truly sound fantastic in that room? ...a 7' shimmel. There's your 30-50k.

tripp ethridge said...

Clint was indeed fantastic with Griffin. I'm so glad I went to check it out. Very debonair.

Elisa M said...

The picture that you have as your Blog header is beautiful. did you take that? Your wife is beautiful as well.
I have never shot a gun, but if I could, I would shoot a pomegranite, I bet it would be pretty.

Brian T. Murphy said...

Robert – pedestrian? and yes, it would be quite lovely to have a schimmel at rmc. no doubt at all about that. probably hard to mic though, and it would take up a lot of floor space.

Tripp – clint = debonair. I like it.

Elisa – the current blog photo is an HDR image I made from some shots I took this past weekend out at the black warrior river. Glad you like it. thanks for noticing. And brooke – she certainly is beautiful. Inside and out. no doubting that at all. you should shoot a gun. Guns are for shooting.