Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm headed to baltimore.

in the meantime, read this and be reminded of how evil alcohol is.

and remember, it is okay to be obese, but not okay to drink alcohol.


brett said...

be it
RESOLVED that I plan on drinking a Newcastle in the next 5-10 minutes.

crazy presbyterian guy said...

I have actually wondered how you can condemn alcohol and at the same time, not be condemned for being obese.

Benj said...

Apparently Jesus didn't receive this memo.

shawn avery said...

be safe on your trip.

Robert said...

While in Baltimore you should stay away from the following evil things: alcohol, guns, democrats, money, gambling, women, naked women, drugs, tobacco, heavy metal, curse words and violent video games. I know, its a lot to remember, but these things have lead to countless deaths and addictions. So sayeth Mohammad.

Aaron said...

do you really work?
i mean you are always going out of town.

Brian T. Murphy said...

Brett – gasp.

CPG – the same way I guess we are hypocritical about lots of things.

Benj – I don’t think he did.

Shawn – it was a safe trip indeed. One down, one to go. see you next week.

Robert – while in Baltimore, I had a fantastic time with extended family, and we participated in many of the evil things you listed.

Aaron – yes. I work. for example, my trip to Baltimore looked like this: work all day Wednesday, catch a 6pm flight, spend Thursday in Baltimore, fly home Friday morning, arriving in Birmingham 9:30am, be at desk 15 minutes after landing and work a full day Friday.

Then drive to Illinois.

Willis Blog said...

The SBC line of thinking on these issues is why I am a FORMER southern baptist.

george edema said...

when and where in Illinois?

Brian T. Murphy said...

brad - yes. for me it's a mix of things like this, and how terribly my friends were treated.

george - oh I was basically like 5 minutes from st. louis all weekend.

just kidding. decatur.

george edema said...

Did you see the lion and the kangaroo take her down to the river where they caught a wild alligator?