Wednesday, May 16, 2007

spots, friday night, bottletree

it is true. the coolestbandofalltime is playing at the bottletree this friday night.

video projection screen, dancing robots, palm trees, the whole bit.

from what I hear, all the cool people are going to be there. so come on out and enjoy the party.

music starts around 9pm.

see you friday night.


Benj said...

You guys really need to do some Dallas shows.

Anonymous said...

Bitchin show tonight, BTM. I have never seen anything like it, and I dug it.

bb said...

there was a music-shapped hole in my life this week; spots filled it up. thanks.

Brian T. Murphy said...

benj - would love to. seriously.

elisa - thanks for making it out. it was really a surprisingly on night for us. it just felt great.

bb - was it a music-shaped hole, or a spot-shaped hole?

Anonymous said...

Brian, Would love to hear your thoughts on the Ari Hest/Damnwells show. I saw you there from a distance and always appreciate your thoughts on musical performances.
JRA (member of RMC, but you probably don't know me)

Brian T. Murphy said...

is this jenna? here are my thoughts:
ari hest is great, but he didn't carry an hourlong set. I didn't want an opener and than a double-headlining set. I wanted to see the damnwells and have ari open.
I am irritated with shows that last too long. by the time it got to the damnwells I was tired. I actually slept through about 3 of their songs, and left about halfway through their set. I guess this means I am getting old, but it also means that I am comfortable saying that not everyone has an hours worth of songs.

also - the damnwells - I love them, but they basically sound the same live as they do on their records. I like a little more variation for a live set.

JRA said...

Nope, it's Jennifer Allen. Thanks for your thoughts. I also thought that Ari went WAY too long. He has a fabulous voice, but when the show already had an opener, it's hard to justify such a long set. Also, what about that Sexsmith song--I thought it was a wierd song to add to his set.

As far as the Damnwells are concerned, they do sound way too similar live and recorded. Also, most of what they played was from Bastards of the Beat and very few from their newest release. I was hoping to get a better idea of the Air Stereo album since I don't own that one. Oh, well...