Thursday, May 10, 2007

sometimes you crash (we're all crashing)

a few days ago I was driving home and I saw flashing lights up ahead, cars slowing down, ambulances and fire trucks blocking the road. I grabbed my camera (which lately seems to always be with me) so that I could photograph the scene as I drove by.

It wasn’t a bad crash. just a car that had smashed into a pole.

A friend was recently talking about how she writes less, the more she has going on. I think I’m the opposite. I tend to write like crazy when life really gets going. and lately, things have really been going. I have written 10 songs (6 hymns, 4 non-hymns) in the past 5 – 6 weeks. and when I’m not at the piano working on music, I’ve been taking a ton of pictures, spending a lot of time with my camera. and when I haven’t been doing either of those activities, I’ve been writing. to me, writing words, writing music, and working on photography all feel like very similar creative outlets. and yes I’ve been writing, just not here, because the worstweblogintheworld is not safe.

sorry worstweblogintheworld, but it’s true. you are about as safe as a gladiator holding cell. and I’m going to be honest, writing elsewhere has been wonderful.

but something I’m noticing more and more is people crashing. It’s a theme in my writing, in the old hymn text I can’t get away from, in the photos I’m taking, in people’s stories all around me, in my own story as I continue to see it unfold and be written about. we’re all crashing. it really is unbelievable.

and there’s beauty too. sometimes you see it in surprising places, like avondale park, a neglected park on the east-side of town. I hear that 40 years ago, it was the best park in town, these days it’s pretty run down. my mom would probably be scared to visit avondale park. (my mom is also the most beautiful person I know, so pease don’t mistake the previous sentence as any sort of slanderous remark about my mother.) but in the midst of this past weekend (a weekend full of people crashing, and me having no idea what to do about it), one of my favorite people in the world, and one of the finer musicians I’ve played with – andrew spear - married his bride, amy, at avondale park.

The wedding was simple and lovely and I felt like it gave me just a little taste of redemption, and not just for avondale. here’s a picture I took as I was leaving the park, of the pond and 5th avenue south. the pond is filthy, and the park is old and worn-out, but sunsets have a tendency to paint fresh colors on tired places:


e* said...

hey, i crashed last week, too! literally, as you know.

interesting post. glad you're writing...somewhere.

your photography is getting really good, by the way.

Robert said...

Keep writing. ...and playing. There is something about music (art) that can help right the spiritual universe. Lots of people "crashing" all at once may be more than a coincidence.

CK said...

I loved their wedding, too. It was lovely.

Molly said...

Hi, Brian. Welcome back. I really missed your blog. Seeing your tattoo makes me want another one.

Just so you know, I am immensely thankful for you and your wife. I should tell you that more often.

Let's definitely have dinner soon. Take care.

Nicholas said...

2nd link dead.

I shoot a Nikon Cool Pix. . . it rocks. I keep it in the glove compartment usually. . . just in case.

Brian T. Murphy said...

e - yes, I am aware. I've seen the screws in your clavicle. (clavicle? I don't really know anything about bodies...)

robert - not sure what you mean by righting the spiritual universe. that sounds crazy.

ck - indeed. and that minister. he looked so good in his cape.

molly - yeah I miss the old blog sometimes, but not too much. it's too bad that I can't really write here anymore. maybe someday. and yes you should definitely get another tattoo. may I suggest "btm" on your bicep. benjamin will approve I just know it. dinner soon would be lovely. let's try and do that sooner rather than later.

nick - what link? keep rockin' the cool pix (I know you are actually jealous).

ersatz said...

your post reminded me of a great wilcox song that didn't make it onto any albums but he released anyway.

McCool said...

it's a euphemistic photo for sure, but i think the pond still looks gross at sunset. maybe after it gets completely dark...

Brian T. Murphy said...

ersatz - couldn't open the song.

mccool - good point, and the pond looks gross because it is gross. there was a young boy there, maybe 7 years old, and he drank from it. I watched the whole thing happen. I said, "young boy, do not drink that water, drink sewage instead." but did he listen? no he did not. and he drank from the pond, and then you know what happened? he dropped dead. just like that. I considered taking his picture, but the sun was setting, and it seemed prettier.

ersatz said...

i'm not sure how to make links, but i made this elsewhere so hopefully it works.

hymn for the highway

bruce said...

but sunsets have a tendency to paint fresh colors on tired places

love it,


andrew spear said...

by the way, this whole marriage thing rocks.