Thursday, April 19, 2007

germany = nice

just got home, a couple of hours ago from germany. fantastic trip. I will not give a trip re-cap, because trip re-caps are often uninteresting, (and this is already theworstweblogintheworld) but I will say the following:

1. germans are kind. the ones I met seemed more kind than the americans I generally meet. this surprised me.

2. german food is tasty.

3. germans drink beer like we drink water (or sweet tea), and their beer is delicious. I don't ordinarily even like beer that much.

4. seeing old friends is always a pleasure (thank you, ellie, thank you, megan).

5. germans have a lot of pretty churches, and they are empty.

6. for two nights, I was in hannover, and there were no hotels, so we stayed in someone's apartment. apparently, getting paid to have a complete stranger sleep in your one-bedroom apartment is normal in germany. we arrived around midnight, walked down a dark alley, found keys hidden in a flower-pot, wandered through someone's basement until finally finding the door to what seemed to be a 20 year old woman's college dorm-room, where we slept for two nights. I was not comfortable with this. you could say I was kind of freaking out. brooke was laughing.

7. germany is safer than the U.S. I say this based on absolutely no research, and admittedly, because of some influence from michael moore. I also say this because I strolled dark german streets in the very late, very early hours and never felt the least bit unsafe. I also say this because germans talked a lot about how safe it is in germany. why is there so much more crime in the U.S.? and also, why do americans have such a heavy culture of fear? (more on this later)

8. I played piano for 3 hours at a time, two nights in a row (that's a long gig, in case you are wondering). I wasn't sure how well my music would go over, especially so much of it, but it seemed to go over really well. the germans said very kind, complimentary things.

9. traveling with brooke is a pleasure. it was nice to finally get some time with her.


brett said...

I'm glad to hear that your trip went well. I figured you guys would have a good time. I took a little German in highschool but never visited the country. It always seemed like an interesting culture to me.

george said...

You are a tremendous photographer. You should do a show sometime.

One of my professors is from Germany. He knows and uses more expressions (like "letting the cat out of the bag," or "putting the cart before the horse") than anyone I know.

Brian T. Murphy said...

brett - the trip was really great. we should go some time.

george - thanks for the compliment, but I'm afraid that is simply not true. it is, however, a really fun hobby of mine.

andrew spear said...


i had the same "saftey" epiphone on the streets of trnava, slovakia.


Benj said...

Awesome. Glad to hear the trip went well, Brian. I think Germany is a bit safer than America because of all the Nazis.

shawn avery said...

its good to have you back. i was afraid that you might stay.

Jon Black said...

germany might be a safe place but do they love van halen?

Brian T. Murphy said...

andrew - in many ways, europe is safer (and probably better) than the U.S.

benj - that is an excellent point. you make excellent points often.

shawn - yeah. well, not everyone over there speaks american, so I had to come home eventually.

jon - or, cheap trick?

Matthew Smith said...

What's the point of deleting your blog if you're just going to start blogging again?

Brian T. Murphy said...

I think it just needed to re-start.

I was exhausted by how much energy it was consuming.

Rickwood Field said...

The Germans love David Hasslehoff and they do weird things to potato salad. I wouldn't feel safe there for those reasons.